The answer depends on who you ask. Talk to the manager of a car dealership and he or she might share tales of documents methodically taking over the entire operation. Just about any kind of business, actually, struggles with paper management. So when is enough, enough?

Take back control.

Imagine neat and orderly filing cabinet drawers. Or a breakroom or office where employees don’t have to maneuver around stacks of paper. Sound like an impossible dream? It’s not if you know how to tame the overflow of paper.

Ready to shred? Not so fast.

The world is moving down a paperless path.  But until it gets there, the best you can do is learn how to manage it. Here are a few critical elements you should consider before you choose a paperless process.

  1. Should you use on-site servers or the cloud?
    Many businesses prefer storing documents onsite on a server. But there are a few advantages that cloud-based storage offers. Like controlling who has access. Selectively deciding what you want to share with those users. Remote accessibility. And protection against natural or man-made disasters.
  2. Do you have a data security policy? Do you need a data security policy?
    If your answer to the first question is no, the second question’s answer is yes. There are a lof of security providers out there. Find one that’s SOC certified by the American Institute of CPAs. And make sure all data transfers are encrypted and data is backed up to multiple data centers.
  3. Scanning…what’s the big deal?
    Anybody can scan a document, right? It’s simple. Until something goes wrong, Or you lose something.Your best bet is to find a resource that specializes in the practice. At Advanced Digital Technology, we’ve got the scanning process down. We cover everything – document pick up, electronic file conversion, transfer to preferred storage medium, delivery back to your business. And we make sure you and your staff have the proper training, access and security.
  4. Ok, so how do I use my data once it’s scanned and stored?
    If your data is stored in a secured electronic format, you should have the ability to access it at any time, from anywhere. Our exclusive docSilo™ makes it easy. Just point your browser to our secure server, enter your name and password and boom! It’s all right there for you to view, print, copy, paste or send as an email attachment. No more backroom file cabinet searches.

Take a test drive.

You can actually get a free demonstration to learn exactly how your data can be scanned and stored. Whether you’re trying to save money, gain back some real estate, simplify workflows, create easier access to your documents, or just tidy up your space, it’s time to connect with a resource that can help you cut down the paperwork.

Too Much PaperFree Your Office from the Tyranny of Too Much Paper!
Add A Scanner - Increase Your Savings!Add A Scanner - Increase Your Savings!

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